My Return to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con #GPCC

Last weekend, I returned to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con’s Artist Alley. I had taken a year off from exhibiting in 2017 since I was planning my wedding.┬á­čśü I had fun during the show and also seeing my friends. My favorite part about comic conventions is connecting with fellow nerds and artists.


Unemployed: Week 1

I felt just like Michael Bolton.

Welp, last week I was let go from my full-time job. I’ll give you a little hint of what I did: I was in charge of production at an independent comic book company. I was let go because my former company needed to make some budget cuts, so my position was eliminated. I’m okay now… at first I was of course upset that I was let go unexpectedly. Especially since I was never written up for anything. Gotta love at-will employment. ­čść


New York Comic Con – Photos & Review


It was a great experience at New York Comic Con! This convention was an interesting one since it was my first time back after 9 years. Here are some pictures and a review from my geeky weekend:


First Post (and Art Goals) of 2016

Hello! It’s 18 days into the new year, so of course I have to catch up with a blog post!

New Work in Progress & My First Convention of 2016

arya web wip

This Arya Stark piece was started in 2015 and I’m still not done. ­čśŽ Life gets in the way and more discipline is needed to finish during the weekends. ┬áSince I┬ácommute a long way to and from my day job, it’s a little tough to be in front of a another computer right after a 8-9 hour day. After Arya, I will have a Danaerys and maybe a Jon Snow in time for the Game of Thrones premiere.

The Great Philadelphia Comic Con will be my first convention of 2016. I’m not entirely sure of the other events I want to catch, but most likely will try to get to the ones from last year. I will still look out for new places I can travel to.




The Problem with Facebook & Disengagement

I saw the video above on a friend’s timeline and I’ve been having a tough time promoting things on Facebook these days. A few years ago on my old account’s Page, I took advantage of the advertising feature and paid $1-$2 a day to seek new fans and engagement for my artwork. It actually worked in my favor and I even gained a few new friends. Fast forward to 2014, the ‘Boost Post’ feature has been added to Facebook Pages and even on our personal timelines to ensure that all fans and friends are able to see your post… only for an extra $6.99 for it to be an ‘important’ post.

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 10.52.14 AM

Since Facebook is a free service and does not in any way force their users to pay for posts. It’s just that when your best option to interact with people is pay for it is when things get a little tricky. The alternative way to get your posts out there is knowing what time to post during the day. As of now, I don’t have too much engagement on my Facebook Page ( and I am thinking about just deleting it all together. I used the Facebook marketing again late last year to give my artwork exposure a ‘boost’. I got new likes from my targeted audience but no comments and no real engagement with new fans. The only reason I keep it is to develop a web presence for myself. Web presence is important, it works as much as you do for it. ‘Owning’ the first page of Google is extremely powerful. Managing your content is also important. I use Reputation to monitor my content and what type of keywords are associated with my name and brand. That is also my ‘second job’ when I get home from my full-time job.

We all have to figure out what works for us and the great thing is that we are able to use numerous social websites to help us connect and market ourselves. What sites or methods are you using for your brand/websites/product?