My Return to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con #GPCC

Last weekend, I returned to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con’s Artist Alley. I had taken a year off from exhibiting in 2017 since I was planning my wedding. 😁 I had fun during the show and also seeing my friends. My favorite part about comic conventions is connecting with fellow nerds and artists.

Convention Review: 7.5/10

I had some new work to show off and to sell, so I did ok for the weekend. The convention had sooooo many vendors and artists. It’s great that the event is growing, but I couldn’t walk through the space as easily as the previous years. Here are my following Pro’s & Con’s for GPCC 2018:


  • Artist Alley was busy, but not well organized this year.
  • Customers and convention goers were SO SWEET!
  • More growth and more fans in attendance.


  • Lack of communication regarding artist alley table placement
  • Dirty bathrooms
  • Crowded aisles due to artist alley tables and vendor tables being really close together
  • More attention went to organizing celebrities
  • Tables that were placed behind these posts:

 < 😧 It was very inconvenient for some of the artists because they had to move, but some got even better locations to display and sell their art.

Despite all of this, it was still a very fun convention. I got to meet new friends and was happy to see everyone. This year got me thinking about taking another convention break, but since The Great Philly Con is a half an hour from my house I will still attend if I can. Personally, I feel that this could be better as a Saturday-Sunday convention because not too many people are able to come by from 3-8pm on a Friday.


Under the “Cons” list, I mentioned that the most attention went to the celebrities this time around, but this year was a great year for celebrities at this convention. Let’s be honest, it’s why most of the fans show up to pop culture conventions. I just feel like the staff put more attention to the celebs and dropped the ball a bit for the Artists. Some of the artists didn’t know when to set up and some didn’t know where they were setting up. It would have been nice to have a floor plan, but we all seemed to manage with what we were given.

The best parts of the weekend was actually getting myself to exhibit again. It was tough because my confidence was low before I returned. I was enjoying my break and was very nervous about feeling lost or not good enough being around so many talented people. Like anything service based, I had to remind myself that not everyone is going to like my work so it was important for me to focus on the right people. I did, and it ultimately paid off!

Thank you again to everyone who stopped by my table to talk, took a business card, bought a print or a commission!

Below are the photos I took during the con! Enjoy! ❤

(Sending extra thanks to the following people & businesses: Brandon Colyer, Nerdtino Entertainment Studios, Scrawl Ink, @TravelingMocha, @jamescrawford_7 & Atomic Lizard)



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