My 2017 in Photos

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Thank you all for making this year awesome! I need to make more work for 2018. šŸ˜œ It was a big year with new beginnings and I’m SO happy that I returned to Baltimore Comic Con. I hope that I can return to BCC as a vendor next year.
Read more on my year after the jump!

I Got Married!

Soooooo, I went ahead and got married in Vegas! šŸ˜œ Kidding! We traveled to Vegas in 2015. I got married back in April to an amazing man I’m so proud to call my husband. ::Cue happy tears:: If you’ve been to my Artist table in various Comic Cons during the past few years, you’ve probably met my guy. Our wedding was amazing and both sides of the family got along great during The Cupid Shuffle.

Honeymoon in Tortola, BVI

We went to Tortola a week after the wedding so we can have a chance to pack, haha! It was a week long vacation that involved us traveling around the island by rental car and boat. We went on the boat that was near our suite to get to another island, Jost van Dyke. 3 of the above photos were from Jost van Dyke’s Soggy Dollar Bar. That place was fun! Tortola was such an amazing island and we also got to meet a few cool pups.
We still think of Tortola and the people we met everyday, especially after Hurricane Irma & Maria destroyed most of the places we visited. If you have a moment, please consider donating to relief efforts and rebuilding the British Virgin Islands: BVI Relief

I Lost My Job. šŸ˜¦

Yeah, it was a blessing in disguise since I had been very unhappy with my job for over a year with no opportunities in sight. I worked at a comic book company, a company that most people including my friends wanted nothing to do with. I wanted to try it out since I was looking to pursue my interests, but I realized that I ended up settling by working there. I started with the hopes of working my way up in the company and gaining more experience for a future in comics. The bright side is that I had my name in comics, became friends with THE most talented co-workers and got to know some people at Previews World pretty well. Despite the seldom perks, it was not worth being underpaid and undervalued.

I Was Unemployed… for 3 Weeks

crying-10Wow! This really was a first: Short-term unemployment. This wasn’t my first time being unemployed so I was fully expecting a 7 month-1 year long job search. I only interviewed at 2 places before I was hired and they took place during the same week. The weird thing was, I was actually quite nervous during my interview but I managed to pull it off! Another first was waiting another month until I had to officially start my job. It was quite an extensive background check!

I enjoy what I’m doing at my job and I hope they keep me. šŸ™‚

I Went to Baltimore Comic Con

It was great to visit Baltimore Comic Con again and my husband was happy to come along! I wore my Wonder Woman shirt and he wore his Green Lantern shirt. I couldn’t find my Star Sapphire shirt in time so I had to grab my other nerdy tee. We went there for a day which was all we needed. It was great to see friends doing very well at the convention. I also saw that my former job had the smallest publisher’s booth, which cracked me up a little.

So there you have it! This definitely wasn’t everything that happened this year, I mean WordPress does have a character limit. I really hope to post more next year on this blog and on Instagram. I really do enjoy sharing my experiences with you all! ā¤
Happy Holidays!
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