New Job + Life Update


The title says it all… I have a new job! I actually started a few weeks ago and I wanted to get some things under control before blogging about it. I am happy about where I am right now and also very pleased to have a shorter commute and a bigger salary. 🙂

The New Job

What I enjoy about my current job is that I feel appreciated. That’s an important first step in doing well anywhere. My last job was not fulfilling and I am so glad that me getting let go was a blessing in disguise. Do I miss the people who I enjoyed working with? Of course I do. I do understand that things change and it’s important to learn to move on.

Personal Work

I have a few things cooking up, and if you follow me on social media you may have seen some examples.


I started on a Classic Hollywood series and I like the way it’s going. 🙂 I am still on the fence about selling these at conventions. My mom loves them so I will most likely send these to her and other family members. ❤

That’s it for the updates, but comment below if you recently got a new job or left one for any reason. I’m here to listen. ❤

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