Unemployed: Week 1

I felt just like Michael Bolton.

Welp, last week I was let go from my full-time job. I’ll give you a little hint of what I did: I was in charge of production at an independent comic book company. I was let go because my former company needed to make some budget cuts, so my position was eliminated. I’m okay now… at first I was of course upset that I was let go unexpectedly. Especially since I was never written up for anything. Gotta love at-will employment. 😆

This isn’t my first rodeo with unemployment; it’s been five years since I was let go from another job. This time around, I’ve come to see it as a blessing in disguise. I get to have much more time getting myself together and more importantly, I get to enjoy the outdoors instead of staying locked in a cubicle.

The first week of being unemployed felt more relaxing since I was let go before Memorial Day weekend. I had time to relax while updating my résumé and hunt for jobs online. I enjoyed time with family and friends without worrying about getting final work to the printer during a holiday weekend. That was one of the things I did not enjoy about my job. There was too much pressure to sacrifice my off time for work without compensation. 

I’m definitely ready to move on to better things. For now, I’m enjoying freelancing and catching up on sleep personal work. I’m not afraid of some shameless self-promotion, so feel free to send me a note if you need an artist for your freelance projects, clients, friends, etc: regenerated.art@gmail.com Portfolio

Thanks for the support! 🙏

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