A Great Day @ The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017

It was that time again! I went to the Great Philadelphia Comic Con on Sunday 4/9 and met up with lots of friends and bought new goodies. This year I did not exhibit, so I will not be doing a review of my experience. All I can say is that this Philadelphia-area convention is growing fast!

Last year’s GPCC was not as huge as this; the floor space was expanded to accommodate the guests and vendors (plus a pirate ship that is unfortunately not pictured). It was the best choice considering how many people I saw there on a Sunday. The newest additions I noticed there and at other conventions were the Tattoo Artists. I thought that was cool to see at a comic con because comic characters and their logos make great tattoos! One day, I may get one. 🙂

I was so happy I spent part of my day at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con. I bought the Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse variant of Invincible Iron Man #1 and took a photo with the owner, Ariell Johnson! I also got some cool prints and pins from @pyroglyphics1 & @nakedderby. Now, I will share more of the photos I took from Sunday! Enjoy!

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