Convention Update: Not Exhibiting in 2017


img_6656Hey Everyone,

I know this would have been around the time I announced my convention appearances but this year, I’ve decided to take a break since I have personal commitments to take care of. If you truly know me, you already know how excited I am about it. #VagueBlogging 😜

I had an okay 2016 exhibiting at conventions. I probably won’t return to Awesome Con’s Artist Alley unless I share a table with someone. The show is great, but it’s gotten a little tougher to break even on my own when the table prices have surged yet again. Also, I need the extra time to make newer work for my appearances.

Though I am not exhibiting this year, you may catch me attending a convention as regular old me and I may or may not be pouting like I am above.

I will still be open for commissions and doing freelance work, of course. Don’t hesitate to follow me online and say “hey” every now and again. I want to enjoy this time off from exhibiting and create more art, so just know that I’m not going anywhere.

Stay tuned for 2018!

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