New York Comic Con – Photos & Review


It was a great experience at New York Comic Con! This convention was an interesting one since it was my first time back after 9 years. Here are some pictures and a review from my geeky weekend:

New York Comic Con Review: 9.5/10

*This will be a little different since I did not exhibit at NYCC. I will only enjoy this convention as a guest since I need to treat myself.

Pros: LOTS and LOTS of volunteers set up around the nearby streets to The Javits Center to help people find the convention. Any fan who is into Sci-Fi, Comics, Art, Gaming, and merchandise will have a great time here. Since I work for a publisher that exhibits at NYCC it was easier for me to get a Pro Pass. About those passes…

Cons: The ticketing system was better for fans overall. No one had to worry about scalpers or anything. The thing is that everything sells out so quick I was unable to enjoy the convention with my partner. Another thing NYCC has to work on is making this massive space more accessible to wheelchair users and strollers. It’s a given that NYCC will be super crowded but I hope the organizers will make it easier for everyone to get around.

Furthermore, I enjoyed everything at NYCC. It felt great to return and also to be there with friends. I disciplined myself to not spend too much money and I’m glad I listened to myself. 🙂 As you will see, I enjoyed myself the most while in my Star Trek costume! I feel more in my element as a Commander. 😉  See more of my geek-end for yourself. Enjoy!

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