The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2016 – Photos & Review

The Great Philadelphia Comic Con has come and gone! It was my second appearance for me and it went down this past weekend! (4/22-4/24). Once again, it was a very fun convention! Saw lots of new and familiar faces! I want to thank everyone who stopped by my table. I truly appreciate it! Visit my Online Store if you weren’t able to stop by this weekend!

More photos and my review of the con are after the jump!

Convention Review: 9/10


  • Nice location outside close to King of Prussia, PA
  • Convenient set up
  • Very attentive and friendly security & cleaning team
  • Artist Alley was better organized than last year (Thanks to Stan! ::thumbs up::)
  • Amazing comic guests including Ethan Van Sciver, Scott Derby & many more!
  • Customers and convention goers were SO SWEET!


  • Lackluster communication regarding Press Passes
  • $45 Saturday tickets
  • Cold French Fries (every convention ever, though)

This time around was a much easier time with set-up! I met with the organizers at the loading dock and they took me to my table. Much better than last year’s “Uh, I guess take whichever table” kerfuffle. The space at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con was utilized very well. It had enough space for a an pirate ship, haha! I saw lots of amazing cosplays, including a Punisher that made me do a double-take! I shared my artist alley table with T. Perran Mitchell, writer of The Chronicles of Tal-Nor. I made the artwork to his Kickstarter-Exclusive cover, so it was great to meet up again this past weekend! I only dressed up on Saturday as a Star Trek: TNG Captain and did the epic Picard face-palm. My costume is also featured on! In the end, I had a lot of fun despite some awkward experiences. It’s always a bit of a downer when female artists like myself are assumed to be “Booth Babes” instead of artists. :/

That being said, The Great Philadelphia Comic-Con is officially my local show. It’s becoming a better alternative to Wizard World, which is now too expensive for many fans. Now, here are photos that sum up all the fun I had! If you see yourself and want me to add your website (or want a photo taken down), let me know! 🙂

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