First Post (and Art Goals) of 2016

Hello! It’s 18 days into the new year, so of course I have to catch up with a blog post!

New Work in Progress & My First Convention of 2016

arya web wip

This Arya Stark piece was started in 2015 and I’m still not done. 😦 Life gets in the way and more discipline is needed to finish during the weekends.  Since I commute a long way to and from my day job, it’s a little tough to be in front of a another computer right after a 8-9 hour day. After Arya, I will have a Danaerys and maybe a Jon Snow in time for the Game of Thrones premiere.

The Great Philadelphia Comic Con will be my first convention of 2016. I’m not entirely sure of the other events I want to catch, but most likely will try to get to the ones from last year. I will still look out for new places I can travel to.




Here’s a look at some of the unfinished pieces I started in 2014/2015 that I probably need to complete at this point.

Elsa In Progress

Elsa copyWhat Elsa can I say? Ha! I went back and forth with it because 1) It wasn’t my favorite Disney film and 2) I felt like it would not have been my best. If I am going to do something like this, I have to stand out in some way. There were doubts that I had about this. I was afraid that this style would flop like my Sailor Moon series. Looks like I have to keep trying.

I took another look at this recently and I didn’t hate it like I did when I started it. Fixing the hair, shoulder, eyes, contrast and few other things will finally make this a piece I want to show.

Now, I am starting to feel confident about looking at this again. 😛


Jem in progress This one was abandoned at the last second. 😦 I ended up finishing the most recent Wonder Woman I made and showed that at Retro Con. Guess what some of the fans asked about…

Ha! It happens, but this is why it’s important to cater to the convention’s fan base… if you’re able to. I still did okay at the con, but I will have to finish this and add a few other 80’s icons in order have a more successful time there.

This might have gone well considering everyone hated the Jem movie that bombed. I am just excited that I am going to push myself into a brighter color palette with this piece.

Sailor Nope

sailor nope wip I am a silly person for not finishing this. That is all. Kidding, I should add more cats to my convention print list. Cat lovers are everywhere!

I wonder if I could add more Sailor Kitties to the line-up?

Hopefully people will actually but the prints. It does stink when you put lots of time into something that fans may or may not enjoy. One thing I didn’t enjoy was being at an Anime convention with my work. Never again, haha!



There you have it! Hopefully I can finish a few more things before my first convention. Hope to see new and familiar faces at some of them!



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