Retro Con Review: Hosted by Clarence & Alabama Worley

“You’re so cool!”

Woohoo! I had a great weekend at Retro Con. 🙂 As I said in my last post, I plan on returning to this convention next year. It was lots of fun! It’s definitely a niche convention, so I would have to bring more 80’s inspired artwork. I still did okay for my first appearance. More photos and convention review after the Jump!


Retro Con Review: 9.5/10 


  • Nice location in Oaks, PA
  • VERY organized for vendor set up
  • Affordable entry & table fees
  • Ample space for foot traffic
  • Gaming Stations with classic consoles
  • The 501st charity and Darth Vader ❤
  • Good place to find rare toys, figures and comics
  • Guests and convention goers were SO SWEET!
  • Clean Bathrooms & Affordable Concessions
  • Sales were okay 🙂


  • The loudspeaker announcing events cost vendors a few sales. >_<
  • Sunday’s show floor was FREEZING! Well, I’m always cold so I’ll take that off 😛

So there it is! Short & sweet review and now here’s is the best part: CONVENTION PHOTOS! 😀


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