Awesome Con 2015

Awesome Con 2015 has come and gone! It was my 2nd year appearing in Artist Alley and I had a pretty good experience. I was at the tail end of one of the aisles, but I still had a pretty good turnout. I want to thank everyone soooo much for visiting me at the event! More photos and review/log of events after the jump! XOXO

Being at Awesome Con was very exciting! I get the jitters every time I set up for a convention. Then shortly after the event starts, I’m okay. Haha! I added more Doctor Who art to my roster and some customers even got my prints autographed by Arthur Darvill & Alex Kingston! YESSS! The convention space was much larger than it was last year and I even got lost at one point. Sales were good this year and I may do Awesome Con’s artist alley again. My only hope is that the convention is held on the top level of the site where there are ATMs and better network service for card readers.

I am also very happy I saw my friends in one place! It’s exciting to see everyone and I think you should meet them too! Though most are not pictured, here are my convention buddies: Geek Boy Press, Amber Davis Art, Super Sox Shop, Rambo, Inc., Liz Leonard Does Art, Scott Derby, Jon Hex Lives (pictured as Finn) & Kayode Kendall (Ken-K Media). If I missed anyone, message me and I’ll link you!

Here are some photos of the event. If you see yourself or anyone you know, send me a link! Enjoy!

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