Wizard World Philadelphia 2015

The Amazing Jay Justice!

The Amazing Jay Justice! Click photo for her Cosplay Page!

I had a wonderful time at Wizard World Philadelphia! This year, I was a spectator instead of in Artist Alley. I helped out my job who had a booth at the convention. My job also hosted a post-con party with Wizard World at The Field House. I only had time for 1 drink since I had to catch a train. 😦

See more photos and recap after the jump!

Any who, it was a great time to see many friends and to briefly meet new people who admired my ‘casual’ Martha Jones cosplay. I felt the need to dress a little ‘Whovian’y’ since David Tennant & Billie Piper were in attendance. Of course most of the crowds were waiting in line to see them. I was hoping to get Billie Piper’s autograph and give her some of my art, but the lines were too much. Also, her autograph fee would have been the most affordable.

Overall, I had lots of fun for a day and my legs are still killing me!  Here are some artist friends you should check out:

Scott Derby, Rachel Perciphone, Scott Ambruson, Laura Guzzo, Jarreau Wimberly & Mike Capprotti!

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