The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2015! – Photos & Review


The Great Philadelphia Comic Con has come and gone! It was a local convention for me during the weekend of April 3rd-5th. It was great to be at a convention so close to home! I’m glad I went since I met my friends again and possibly made more!

More photos and my review of the con are after the jump!


Convention Review: 6/10


  • Nice location outside close to King of Prussia, PA
  • Convenient set up
  • Very attentive and great security team
  • Select volunteers able to help with set up
  • Great guests including Star Trek and Power Rangers actors
  • Amazing comic guests including Jim Steranko, Bryan JL Glass, and Mike Capprotti
  • Not too expensive for first time convention goers
  • Customers and convention goers were SO SWEET!


  • Lackluster communication regarding artist alley table payments and volunteering
  • Organizer(s) not very helpful to people they didn’t know personally
  • No floor map for Artist Alley which made LOTS of headaches
  • It was on Easter Weekend causing low Sunday sales and attendance
  • Possible Food Poisoning (!!!)
  • $40 Saturday tickets

Overall, lots of people had fun. I enjoyed meeting artists and seeing my friends again. This was my first comic con of 2015. The fan turnout was great! Fans of Star Trek were very pleased with George Takei, Nichelle Nichols (sweet, sweet woman!), Jonathan Frakes, and Walter Koenig. George Takei walked down the Artist Alley aisle I was in and waved to me, haha! Also, Nichelle complimented my Star Trek uniform and Jonathan Frakes did the same. My geeky side is showing, haha! I had an amazing time in Artist Alley. I dressed up as Martha Jones, Zoe Washburne and a Captain from Star Trek: TNG! I like having fun with that while selling my stuff because it makes great conversation with everyone who walks by. Hopefully, I will see everyone I met this weekend at Awesome Con next month. This was the first convention in Oaks, PA from the Great Allentown Comic Con organizers. I would like for them to be better with communication for the next year. My friends who also did Artist Alley were not happy about contacting the organizer personally on Facebook to get a response about payment and placement. I am sure they will make next year’s GPCC a better experience for everyone.

Now, look at the flowers photos!


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