Allentown Comic Con 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.11.01 PM

This past weekend was spent visiting The Great Allentown Comic Con. I was excited to meet Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek! This was my first time attending the con, so I decided to stop by as a visitor to see potential for exhibiting there for next year.

I’m still on the fence about doing another smaller convention, but Allentown Comic Con seems to have a well-rounded group of vendors and any visitor can find what they are looking for. The overall space of the convention was small but lots of people were able to come by. This made navigating through aisles a bit difficult. Another difficult moment was when I arrived at the convention (around 12:30PM on 11/16) I was coming through the crowded main hall toward the entrance for the guests & exhibitors. An Allentown Comic Con staff member pushed me aside so he could get Michael Biehn to his table. I said “You didn’t have to touch me” to the guy because he was a jerk. I haven’t gone to convention as a visitor since 2011, so getting stuck in crowds felt… different. đŸ˜›

Talented Friends

I visited my friends who also sell and exhibit their artwork. It’s always great to see them at a convention! Below are links to their websites:

Amber Davis Art

Geek Boy Press

Comish Art Studios

GrayHaven Comics

Super Sox Shop


As I mentioned before, I also got to meet the legendary Nichelle Nichols! (See above photo) She was so amazing and it was very exciting to meet a pioneer in Film & TV. I wish I had gotten a photo of her holding my artwork but I was so starstruck and nervous. She loved the portrait I made of her and she gave me a free autograph. She is a very sweet woman! The Imperial Klingon Forces offered their services and helped escort her to the panels and to her booth. Hearing “MAKE A HOLE” and various Klingon commands were entertaining. I wanted to scream “NEEEEERRRRRRDDDD!” but I’m also a nerd, so that would’ve been rude.

Quotes from Nichelle Nichols

You’re beautiful!“, “When my hair was that long I used to wear it like this” (she flipped my hair from behind my ear. I am ok with this!) “It looks better on you!”, To her assistant about my artwork: “Make sure you keep this, that’s going home with me!”

If you have ever met Nichelle Nichols, comment below so we can Trek Out!

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