How to Hire a Freelancer


Over the years, I have come across many people who may not know what to do when hiring their first freelancer. I thought I’d give a quick list of what you should do when you are in need of creative services. When hiring a freelance Illustrator or Designer, it’s important to inquire about their services in the CORRECT way.

Below are some “DO’s & DON’T”‘S:


  • State the kind of work you’re looking for. A few sentences of brief paragraph will work.
  • Determine if a project is a personal or business commission.
  • List a time frame or deadline.
  • Ask to see a website if not listed.
  • Offer a budget or ask their rate for specific services.
  • Respect the artist’s boundaries when communicating.



  • Say I need work done ASAP” and not explain what you want
  • Expect FREE WORK
  • Expect us to read your mind
  • Ask for rates if you don’t want to pay a freelancer
  • Call or email during inconvenient times
  • Hire a freelancer willing to do anything for low/no pay. You’ll get what you pay for.


Feel free to add more Do’s and Don’t’s in the comments section.


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