Photos and Fun @ J-1 Con


Excellent Cake from Moe Maid Cafe! (Click Photo for Website)


Shingeki no Kyojin (AKA Attack on Titan) Cosplayers

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See my review of J-1 Con after the jump!

J-1 Con was Amazing! It is an Anime-centric convention that featured vendors, gaming, cosplay contests, and Vic Mignogna! I added a short list of everything that went down at the convention:

The Staff at J-1 Con

Awesome, helpful, and great people to be around. The con was created by J-1 Studios’ Jason Richardson, who recently won Geekadelphia’s ‘Geek of the Year’. The location was very accessible and drew a great crowd.


The Fans & Con-Goers

The fans really liked my Doctor Who prints. It was a mini-Whovian Central! I also met some great people who also signed up for my mailing list. 🙂

I thought the Sailor Moon series that I worked on would do well, but unfortunately it didn’t go over well with the fans. One fan bought a print and joked about stealing another one. I received lots of compliments on my work but not many of the anime fans seemed into it. ::shrug:: It happens to every vendor at most conventions. We just try again at the next convention or just use our online stores —>

The Weird-ness

What happens at every con, and what I thought was weird was the lack of response from some visitors. Maybe I didn’t connect with some of them very well. :/ If you’ve ever met me before, I’m very friendly and I enjoy talking with the fans. Some people just ignored me or were sarcastic about my work (the worst) & I just thought, “Maybe they don’t like my face. :P” so I got my friend Captain Kyle to watch my table, haha. Kidding, I had to grab a soda and Captain Kyle was nice enough to watch my table for a few minutes. When I got back, someone bought a Matt Smith print. It kind of shocked me that it was the quickest purchase I made considering that I wasn’t at my table, haha! Now I owe Captain Kyle a Jayne print. 😀

The Creeps

There’s always a creep at conventions. (It’s never the convention staff. They’re all awesome)

I won’t name any names, but I’ll say this: Flirting never paid my bills. 


Photographing Artwork

Once again this happens at every con, and I honestly get uneasy when people photograph and videotape my work without permission. I know lots of people who find it rude. It really is. People like to film and document their experiences and share them online. I get it. I used to do that as a guest until a vendor said “No photos, please.” and I never took another photo without permission again. I missed an opportunity to tell someone to stop videotaping my work so now I have to search for where it ended up online. Lots of artists have issues with bootlegging by photographers who do this.


Vic Mignogna…

…is the best! That’s all. Kidding, there’s more! I have heard lots of great things about Vic and I didn’t expect him to make a bee-line to my table. He said, “I saw ‘Uhura’ and wanted to see what this was all about! Great Work!” I thanked him before he left. That was one of the many highlights of the day. 🙂

If you’re in the Philly area next year, I highly recommend J-1 Con and J-1 Studios events.  They are so amazing. Thank you for the opportunity!



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